Speed and traffic Volume data on Washington Street

County staff conducted speed surveys (measuring traffic volumes and speeds) on Washington Street over a 2 week period in early 2021 and again just last month. Traffic volumes have increased in the last 18 months by about 25% whilst the average speed is below the posted 50 km/hr speed limit.

The speed of 85% of the traffic (the 85th percentile) has reduced northbound since 2021 and remained the same southbound and in both directions that 85th percentile speed is just over the posted limit. Engineers responsible for road design typically design and set speed limits based on the anticipated 85th percentile speed.

The speed spy data also reveal that the percentage of vehicles exceeding the posted limit by more than 20km/hr has reduced and in both directions that percentage is 0.3% or roughly 3 cars per day. 

County staff are collecting similar data on streets across the County in response to concerns raised by residents. Staff then develop action plans ( e.g. lower speed limits, speed humps, focused OPP patrols) and tackle streets in order of greatest need within the budget available. 

Staff were directed by Council earlier this year to bring forward budget proposals for the coming years that will allow us to accelerate actions through implementation of the Brant Safe Streets Strategy.

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