The next 4 years


The focus of roads infrastructure development will shift to North Paris and downtown Paris. The implementation of the Downtown Paris Master Plan is, in my mind, heavily dependent on improving the junction of William Street and GRSN. Not an easy problem to solve though given the geography and historic nature of our downtown.

Work will commence on the expansion of sewage treatment facilities in St George and Paris. These expansions are needed to meet the growth in population and anticipated residential and commercial developments in the coming years.

I will support the redevelopment of the old town hall (Bawcutt Centre) site into an additional civic and community facility and the home of the new Main Branch of our library system. And as we grow I will support an additional Fire Station in North Paris and increases in our water supply. 

Moderating the Pace 0f Development

I will continue to push for moderation on the pace of residential development and believe some of the focus will shift to St George once water treatment capacity is increased in the coming years. I will support a lobby of Provincial Government for assistance in providing an additional river crossing north of Paris to ease the traffic burden on downtown but I am under no illusion that this will happen quickly. My view is that if the province wants us to grow more quickly then they must help us with necessary infrastructure.

Implementing the New Official Plan

The County of Brant New Official Plan is awaiting Provincial comment prior to formal approval and adoption. I will continue to support the acceptance and implementation of the New Official Plan which will guide the development of the County over the coming years.

More Affordable Housing

Through Council, Social Services Committee and BME I will push for creative solutions to growing the stock of affordable housing. I will also advocate for Inclusionary Zoning – that obliges developers to ensure a certain % of the homes they build are affordable.

Well Managed Budgets

County staff do a great job in preparing and managing operating and capital budgets. The County is fiscally very responsible and our financial position is sound. I will continue to provide oversight as part of the role of Council and lobby for new or additional spending to meet community needs if appropriate.

A casualty of Covid has been development of the overarching County Financial Plan – this is a vital document to the forward planning of the County. I will support and where appropriate actively be involved in its preparation.

Continued focus on traffic control and safety

I will push for significantly increased budgets to step up our game on implementation of automated speed enforcement, increased road dieting (e.g. speed humps, bump outs, stop signs…) and more proactive new roads design.

Developing Arts and Culture 

Paris and the County at large has a great and growing community of talented people in all aspects of the arts. I will support stepping up our game and making Paris and the County a go to location  

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